My business story started when my wife and I answered our purpose.

I love entrepreneurs. Literally, as I'm married to one. My wife and I run a vintage decor business out of our home. I understand the importance of marketing yourself digitally and putting your best foot forward. Putting food on your table depends on it.

We started a few years ago when I left my job working for a large domain registrar and hosting company. I was a supervisor and sales trainer there and worked with WordPress sites daily. I loved serving our small business customers. But it just seemed as if there was more destined for me to do in ministry.

My wife went full-time with her business. I started working at my church's after-school program part-time as well as I started a blog and online ministry - Since starting my writings have reached hundreds of thousands of people and have been shared all over social media.

It didn't occur to me until later that I could put my eye for design, a knack for writing and my experience helping and co-owning a small business to good use with web design and digital marketing. And if the Apostle Paul could make tents for a living to help supplement his ministry, I figure surely I can make awesome websites that reflect my values.

My philosophy is simple. I work hard to tell my clients’ stories via their websites as if they were my own stories. Your success is my success. Anything with my name on it is something I take very seriously. This is because it’s both a reflection of my hard work, integrity, and dedication to great outcomes.

Erik Manning